2XCR100 – security in focus with oversized picture ID cards

The 2XCR100 card printer has been especially developed for the printing of these high-security cards. This special card printer can print badges in CR100 format. This format allows you to use a 42 percent larger medium than a standard CR80 format card. This significantly larger format provides security personnel with the possibility to determine from a greater distance whether or not approaching persons have authorization.

The CR100 format of these plastic cards also allows you to print photos and graphics much larger so that the security personnel employed can work more efficiently. An additional advantage of these oversized ID cards is that they provide you with sufficient space to add additional security features. This increases the security against counterfeiting and thus also the security for your events and for your company. The format of the cards produced with the 2XCR100 card printer also prevents the simple theft because they are not easy to put into a pocket.

Another advantage of the size of these CR100 plastic cards is the space they provide for additional information such as location maps, programs, notes and, of course, advertising. Especially on the back, you have enough space on the CR100 cards for marketing-relevant features. As you can see, there are many reasons that speak for the CR100 plastic cards.

There are just as many reasons for choosing the printer especially developed for this type of card: the extremely high speed of the 2XCR100 card printer allows you to produce and personalize up to 180 preprinted plastic cards per hour in color. If you only want to print and personalize monochrome cards, there are even up to 1,400 cards, which can be produced per hour, and a contactless chip can be encoded in the same workflow.

In addition to its speed, it is above all the performance that characterizes this card printer, as well as its particularly quiet operating noise and its cost-efficient operation, since the consumables needed for the 2XCR100 card printer are among the most attractively prices in their class.

This makes the 2XCR100 one of the safest, fastest and most comfortable printers ever! You would like to know more about this printer and about the possibilities offered by CR100 cards? Then do not hesitate to contact us, we will gladly advise you and find together with you your optimal solution!

In addition, the XCR100 can also be equipped with a network connection as well as a flip turn unit for two-sided card printing.


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