2Xtended – Xtended in form factor and security

Especially for major events in the areas of sports and music, oversized passes are becoming more and more important. Not only do they provide security because they can be identified much more quickly by the security personnel with more space for security features, they also offer much more space for advertising and important information. This is how you can achieve additional advertising revenues and an additional branding for your company with these extra long cards, which are often kept by the visitors as a souvenir and are still being viewed and displayed for many years to come. Many good reasons, therefore, for this exceptional card type, which gives you a printing area of ​​86 x 54 mm.

For the 2Xtended card printer, partially preprinted plastic cards with a format of up to 140 x 54 mm can be used. These cards can be printed with a special ink ribbon containing an additional UV patch, which provides for even more counterfeiting security and thus for even more security on your events!

The user-friendliness of the 2Xtended card printer also plays an important role: a practical display as well as Plug & Play drivers and a user-friendly print head make it easily usable for non-technically skilled people. Within seconds, professional and individual secure tickets for the visitors of your events are created. These cards can also be provided with a encoding for a contactless chip during printing.

You can integrate the 2Xtended special-size printer into your system either via the integrated USB port or via a network connection. This gives you the ideal solution for a professional design of long-term credentials.


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