2XL+ – The Accreditation Printer for large sized plastic badges

‚ÄčThe Pe2M 2XL+ is the next generation of our proven 2XL printer and was developed especially for the personalization of professional large size accreditation badges.

Technically, the 2XL+ remains the same, robust design and works with the same consumables as its predecessor. However, the exterior design has been completely redesigned and is now gray and silver with a newly designed card stacker and a hopper which now also has a transparent cover. Also, the 2XL+ comes with one color and one black ribbon as well as with a set of sample cards as a starter kit.

Pre-printed XXL cards in the format of 124.8 x 88 mm or 140.0 x 88 mm can be printed in a printing area up to 86.0 x 54.0 mm individually. The printing position can be easily adjusted using the integrated positioning tool.

For the 2XL+, various additional modules are available, which can also be retrofitted later. For example, there is an Ethernet module for operation in a network, a mini PC for direct operation out of the cloud, different inline encoding modules for RFID technologies such as Mifare and UHF, as well as a modification to print on transparent cards.

The 2XL+ is the ideal solution for the professional design of preprinted large format accreditation cards, for example for sports or music events. Within seconds, participants can be equipped with convenient, oversized and forgery-proof ID cards.


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User Manual

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